Delicious Culture™

Combine the retention from local resourcing with the focus of remote workers
Quick payments to local contractors with automated invoicing and no fees
Payout pool gender balanced using split and ranking mechanisms
Training and tasks so contractors can climb in skill and pay
Spaces for social and professional collaborating
Renewable pot of money in the cloud verified local people can logon and go after


Graded local rating - 1 day, 3 days, 1 week, 1 month, 1 year, never
Agencies are supported for contractors that prefer a team - but not a company
Market based payment clearing house (payouts to people with identity trouble)
Professional services are preferred but personal services are not excluded (i.e. daycare, car wash, etc)
Verified Local, Verified Female - actual physical location in market where somone can get certified (without id)
Remote contractors can be flagged as market friendly by companies
Show online, available and/or present in market status
Skilled contractors keep companies relevant (and iterating) when employees are absent

Reputation Protection

Contractors inform employers of criminal and financial history to prevent conflicts
Guidelines for contractors covering confidentiality, creditionals, invoicing on fixed price and hourly work
Companies and contractors can include additional policy in the project agreements
Exceptions to regular policy are flagged and highlighted to ensure all parties are aware
Contractors are paid for time spent over results
Employer and contractor can agree to keep as many details private as possible
Employer contacting contractor can remain anonymous until otherwise
Employers and contractors specify how much personal/social interaction in their profiles
Employers and contractors before and after a project can specify how much personal connection they prefer
Features focusing respect, privacy and status between clients and contractors
Tasks in queue show how many people are approved so a contractor can pick rare ones (blend this)

News, Training, Scholarships and Loans

Market wide guidelines for conducting meetings and other regular business
Library of market techniques, documents, AV and contractor history of usage
Combine training with tasks as one gig
Personal guidance and influence missing from remote work
Experience mixing with youth renews the market techniques and processes
Scholarships can be used promote meetups and other events for attendance
Tide over a lazy or free floating brain with a loan or scholarship
Loan/scholarship status on skills / debt age listed on contractors lfw
Multiple news feeds for different purposes - social, event, work, employee only, contractor only
Where possible enhanced training (personal and self driven) for low skill workers
Sponsors of loans and scholarships can remain anonymous (removing expectation of hiring)
Scholarships can apply to certain technologies and training
Contractors can request scholarships (no work or new skill) or employees recommend and/or fund
Trusted lenders are able to view personal, work and payment history on contractors
Employers can provide loans, scholarships and grants covering techniques for upcoming projects
Loans can be backed from the lender, employers or the market
Loans queue allows all lenders to request information, accept or pass (not reject) anonymously
Loan and grant performance history - were jobs taken for the skill after grants and loans, jobs at all?
Lenders and contractors can build borrowing history for personal loans (car, house or business opportunity)
Employers can flag (attribution optional) contractors for auto approve on loan and/or scholarship requests
Employers can mark contractors as favored (like) for advantage in loans and scholarships
Outside companies like Firebase, WebGL (GC companies), LUIS (MS) can sponsor
High demand and rare skills specializations are identified by market and provided scholarships
Contractor can request (or employer) paid training to facilitate a task
Support to climb after a break from the industry, in skills, connections and routine
Failure forgiveness - mistakes happen - more chances keep people in the market
Training and task success noted on profile - failures age out
Training and tasks sized for various skill levels so contractors can climb

Automatic Queue

Contractors can only have a couple tasks open at a time (spread out work)
Contractors can self serve tasks (where approved)
Creditionals storage for companies (allows self serve access for contractors)
Tightly integrate existing project management systems (JIRA/trello/github, etc)
Option by employer or contractor to exclude from searches (all or a filter)
Fast execution billing system tracks flows based gender and location
Pre approve contractors for a task, task type or performance history (earnings, stars)
Submit tasks to the work queue for auto hire (optional)
Employers have option to hide most transaction details (pay rate, details)


Employers can list future projects and related skills with a commitment level
Contractors can list current and future availability
Contractors status can be busy remote, available local, available, busy local
Contractors can indicate in status fulltime, parttime and/or permanent position preferred
Employers can tag jobs as 2 workers or more to facilitate gender balancing
Companies can alert market to future budgets, techniques and training

Work History and Auditing

Market level comments, company level comments and contractor/employee level comments
Expiration of data (deletion) available for companies and contractors
Employers can mark specific skills for a contractor as weak or strong
Product owner and team can all audit the per task and per contractor results
Quality is rated separate from compensation (time based - including fixed price)
Partial payments for work done - arbitration favors contractor paid for time spent
Contractors can sub out projects with no load to other contractors
Completed work is paid for quickly; immediate and accurate work is expected
Audit/tracing of results and hours worked for all parties


Contractors are informed of tax status of earnings and sign an agreement of understanding
Extensive onboarding for both contractors, employers and agencies
Overview of property rights for all parties - ethical and legal


Delicious Payment Flow

Payment Tagging

Tag payments and salaries for gender, location and performance
Contractor matching enables balancing of gender based outflows
Fixed price contracts are broken down into hours for gender pay rank tracking


Deliver instant payments to local contractors with no load and minimum fees
Payments only originate from Delicious companies, containing nefarious risk
Bill payout with minimum fee (mailed checks) from earnings (LES, ALLO, etc)
If contractor donates % of earnings to charity attribution noted (optional)
No load local rent payments for contractors to qualified rentors
No load payments for child support, fines and select organizations (churches, etc)
Undocumented workers are able to verify local and receive pay (rent or cash)
Payments for completed work are ungated for verified local workers
Prepaid debit cards are available to people with no banking services
Gift Cards for local vendors with a 5% bonus value (as available)
Loads and fees are covered as possible from company premiums paid to market
UI for local charities to provide gigs to needy residents

Automation and API

Automates invoicing, payment posting and regular business tasks
Widget provides an in editor plugin UI for creating, selecting and submitting complete work
Unity, atom, android studio, Visual Studio, Office 360, Google Docs, JIRA, Trello
Integrate easy to use timeclock feature (wiget and api)
Invoicing for hourly and fixed projects (key for sizing future work)
API allows payments, task submission and billing integration


Graylin Barriers
Video, audio and VR content viewable and annotable
Comments and iteration friendly per task
3D / extended reality calendar to view gig gant chart etc
Digital (esp 3D / model / texture / scene) transfer
Link documents, works and contracts (3D/AV focus)
Avatar markup system for enabling specific changes
Integration with existing document and project mgmt systems
Anonymous contracts allow diverse people to collaborate
Shared virtual conference tools to visit work products

MVP Team Product Team
Technology Expertise Experience to select and implement the most effective technologies Techniques to iterate product features; talent to integrate APIs
Product Knowledge Should contain a principal and expert Key focus to compete
Locality and Retention Not important, probably too expensive to keep MVP developers Long term employees gain high knowledge of customers, market, product and new opportunies
Implementation Fast pace, high quality and high cost Features specific to market share over new techniques and pace with managed cost
Compensation Most of team unlikely to stay, don't commit principal rewards will be product success driven, retention and principal interest make sense here
Duration 3-6 months (4-6 weeks billable) 3-8 years depending on market conditions

Key MVP Features

Platform based on latest techniques and frameworks (engine/code/product/app/branding/marketing)
core of process/technique is to remove “the requirement” of expert level talent at every point in the process
Automate regular (specify, commit code, build, deploy, release, etc) tasks to junior level employees can perform tasks
Teach and collaborate on the newest and coolest techniques to product team
Hire for existing skill and experience, only train talent as a last option
MVP implemented with leading edge techniques and scaled architecture
Firebase, Javascript and eXtended Reality technologies are preferred
MVP lead and key developers leaving as product iteration team is refilling

Initial Product Team

avoid out of date workers that have little incentive to reskill and weight down the salary pool
provide ability to retire assets early (contract basis to start if possible)
get 2 "brains" on the team that cover knowledge across the product
Avoid high initial salaries; provide frequent reviews specifying goals and rewards
barter in training and payback with each project (contractor and employee)
Three to five year commitment between investor and product teams
Quality relationships valued over outcome product success
Entry level professionals need stability to raise families
Emerging technologies attact fresh talent
Formed with entry level engineers and product people from the MVP
4 or 6 employees in size with contracters making consistent contributions
Product/team receives investment for multiple years
Benefits and workplace is focused first on employees in addition to collaborating with contractors
Soft shutdown with a team so they can keep the collaboration when the product isn't viable
Entry level developers learning new techniques will be used to manage cost

Smooth Employee Transitions

We pay what we can - better opportunities arise - lets keep it smooth
We keep the projects and phases reasonable in length and you finish them
We only finish 'projects' - if longer then a few months then a defined phase

XR Content Flow

XR Content Flow

Delicious Support

The Delicious team resides in each market hosting and sponsoring key assets
Contractors and employees of other companies are strong backups when critical departures occur
Where the core team is inexperienced contract resources can be used
Voice recognition, XR and Firebase experts on Delicious staff are able to sabotical and contract to other market participants
Promotes hiring and advancing entry level talent verus hiring it away
No load payments keep workers from thinking about how to do transactions
Laid off employees are the first option for similar positions in the market
Salary guaranty in effect until they find a similar job
Laid off employees are encouraged to contract in the market


Delicious Benefit Flow
Benefits support employees freshly leaving college ready to start families
"Soft” tools for you, employees and contractors to collaborate
Employee package intended to balance risks of a startup versus a corporate position
Goodwill mechanism built into pools to leave some value in the market
Successful companies can pay a bonus amount based on original premium to become a listed sponsor
Applied as a load on entire investment in lieu of traditional office and benefits


Family and other event driven payouts to suppliment productivity with contractors
Contractor benefits offered from third party providers
Shared benefit pool to reduce costs
Living benefits (critical illness, long term care, disability income)
Money purchase level costs per employee (per gender)
Benefits cover lost team contributions in addition to personal expenses
Focus is on a coverage period of 5 years of benefits
Three months with 3k earnings qualify products with easy enrollment (contractor)
Insurance products offered from 3rd party insurers
Underwritten on a per company basis - product defintion adjusted per market

Service Based

Daycare is provided by pooled resources
No loads and fees for local contractors
Spot daycare is provided and available spaces reserved in software
Onsite or near by supplimented (if not totally free) daycare most hours
Market pools resources and facilities to reduce cost

Salary Based

> 20% of weekly salary transfered to buckets for gig spending
Auto pay from pay account
Loans (contractor option) can kick in to keep benefits in force
Career stability backed with benefits and guaranteed salary pool
The mechanisms to balance gender pay are adjusted as needed to match conditions
Salaries flexible gender bucket on top of base pay used to level out pay per gender
Female ratios: min count: 40%, min total salaries: 40, rank per class salary: 90% class to class
Female heavy companies do not pay the males a premium from the gender bucket as is vice versa

Productivity Based

Productivity insured during life events with additional gig resources
Flexibility in lifestyle and schedule to consume unforeseen opportunities and interests
Investors want to do "good" things - this is a "treat" the team well product
Gives the investor the ability/option to “seed” some corporate culture

Market Based

Market Description
Alcohol and drugs are banned in sponsored spaces
Spaces are kid friendly in almost all cases
Family friendly areas during all hours
Spaces cater to free flow, fast pace, and short or long sessions
Pet friendly where possible, including grass area for dogs
Flexible spaces are preferred to compress people and activity into a smaller area
Highly observed area so market participants can safely move location to location
Certification allows display of the Delicious Culture standards logo
High observability with human eyes and cameras
Employees, contractors and visitors are issued cards to monitor pariticpation, verify location and gender
Staff available to escort people in and out of market
Environment to find and develop professional and personal contacts
Technology demonstration zones - geeks have toys and love to share and show and hand down

Accessable Spaces

Demonstration area for leading edge technology devices and software concentrated in on location of market
Private spaces for family members that need isolation for physical or mental issues
Highly accessable restroom, hygene and health facilities

Family Spaces

Kid collaboration areas that lend to safe and entertaining interactions for kids
Allow parents to determine how much their kids mix with which adults

Business Spaces

Adult only areas and Business only areas

Daycare Features

Daycare expenses are covered for employees and contractors attending meetings

Convenience Features

Staff has golf cart to provide fast local assistance
Smoking area that is clean, dry and convenient
Market wide Wifi
Minimum two staff at all times, one occupies verification desk, one for escorts
Virtual appliance support via market software to enhance visitor experiences
Market wide ordering system with POS system provided for shops at their option

Work Area Features

Spaces have tables for working at in the location
Retail displays (clothes, etc) - display only (aka catalog store)
Spaces track usage via membership cards - no purchase required - get a base fee for participating and bonus money for visits (ranked)